County weighted 2014-2016 in Maine

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Students who graduate from high school have higher wages, lower unemployment and are less likely to need public assistance than those who do not graduate. Their long-term physical and mental health is also better if they graduate from high school.

What the data shows
For the 3 year period of this series, the data has been relatively stable. At a state level, 86.5% ,87.5% 87.1% graduated for the years 204,15 and 2016. In the latest year, the counties with the highest graduation rates were: Cumberland County at 87.7% and Aroostook at 86.7%.
The lowest rates were at Piscataquis County at 72.8% and Sagadahoc County at 73.9%.
Nationally, the graduation rate for 2015-2016 school year (called 2016) is 84.1%, so Maine is better than average, and is ranked 18th. The State is working toward a goal of having a 90 percent graduation rate.

Source for national comparisons
Ed Week Grad Rates By State 2015-2016
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Footnotes: In this series, the calculation is at the student level rather than the school level.  This makes it "weighted". For example, suppose a county had 3 schools, one with 300 ninth graders and two small schools with 20 ninth graders each. If 70% of the students graduated at the large school and 95% at the two other schools, the student average would be (300x70%)= 210 graduates plus 19 + 19 graduates, so the "weighted average would be 248/340 = 72.9% for the county.

The data for the series 2009 -2013 is unweighted. This means it averages all the individual school graduation rates in a county, rather than taking all the ninth graders in the county and how many of that cohort graduated 4 years later.  In the above example, the graduation rates of the three schools would be averaged (70% +95% +95%)/3 = 86.6%.  86.6% would be the unweighted average. 

Updated April 2018.