School suspensions in Mississippi

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Definitions: Suspension rates (in school, out-of-school, and total) were calculated by dividing the number of students who had one or more suspensions by the total number of enrolled students.
The analysis in this report uses student-level data obtained through a data use agreement with the Mississippi Department of Education (MDE).

The term “suspension” may be defined as follows: “the temporary denial of the privilege of attending school in [name of school district] imposed after due process upon any student of the district at the direction of the principal of the school in which the student is enrolled or the principal’s designee, but shall not include in-school suspension.... The term ‘suspension’ is often referred to as an ‘out-of-school suspension’, or OSS.”

The term “in-school suspension” (or ISS) may be defined as: “a change of placement for the student from the regular classroom to a special classroom monitored by a full-time district employee. During this change of placement, the student will be afforded the opportunity to work on his/her school assignments in a supervised classroom."

Footnotes: Updated September 2018.