Home visiting, 2017-2019 in Maine

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Why This Indicator Matters

Home visiting programs, like Maine Families and Early Head Start, provide children and families critical support during the key developmental years, strengthening families and communities across the entire state. Home visiting programs are voluntary, evidence-based and designed to help promote healthy childhood development during the early years by providing expectant parents and parents of young children with education and support in their home. For more information on the evidence Home Visiting works, see Evidence for Home Visiting

What the data shows
In 2019, the Maine Families Home Visiting Program reached 8.0% of children from birth until they turn 2. The most number of children were served in York and Penobscot Counties with 243 and 216 families served.
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Definitions: The number of families served in the Maine Families Home Visiting Program for first time families and adolescent families. This data is for the federal fiscal year October 1- September 30.

Data Source: Maine Families Home Visiting Program

Footnotes: This is a new series since 2017, as the year has been changed to a fiscal year, October 1- September 30.

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