Electronics consumption in Delaware

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Although moderate use of media for educational and research purposes may be helpful for children, overexposure or unsupervised use of the internet, television, and video games can lead to negative effects.
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Definitions: Delaware children (ages 2-17) who spent two or less hours daily on electronic devices for
non-school related activities as reported by parents.

Data Source: Delaware Survey of Children's Health. Nemours Health and Prevention Services


The Delaware Survey of Children's Health (DSCH), sponsored by Nemours Children's Health System (Nemours) is one of the most comprehensive health surveillance instruments for Delaware children. This survey was developed by Nemours Health and Prevention Services (NHPS) to collect statewide, population-level data from parents of children birth through age 17. It provides valuable data on multiple aspects of children's health- including weight status (BMI), physical activity, healthy eating, health conditions and children's family and neighborhood environments. The NHPS Datacenter (datacenter.nemours.org) makes the results from the survey easily accessible to anyone interested in making data-driven decisions to improve children's health in Delaware.