Parental monitoring and grades in Delaware

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Eighth (8th) grade students were asked - How often do your parents know where you are when you’re not in school? What grades do you usually make?

Education is the foundation for children to build a better future and achieve in all areas of life. In order to achieve at higher levels educationally, children need consistent support from their parents. Positive support such as providing literacy materials, holding high expectations, emphasizing effort over ability and encouraging autonomy can help parents positively impact their child's performance. Parents can actively participate in their child's education in several ways such as communicating with the child's school, monitoring homework and attending school activities and meetings. Active and effective support from both parents and the community as a while can create positive and productive educational outcomes for children.
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Data Source: Delaware School Survey. Center for Drug and Health Studies, University of Delaware

Footnotes: Since 1995, the Center for Drug and Health Studies at the University of Delaware has administered an annual survey to public school students about alcohol, tobacco and drug use. The Delaware School Survey is an annual survey of 5th, 8th and 11th grade public school student in Delaware. This study is the continuation of a survey that was first administered to Delaware students in Spring, 1989. Since 2004, the Delaware School Survey has been jointly sponsored by the Delaware Legislature through the Delaware Health Fund and Prevention Block Grant funding. It has become a valuable tool in assessing trends of questions on school behavior, health habits and parental interaction. In recent years, the study has shown an increased interest in safety, parental involvement, educational needs and healthy lifestyles.

Data last updated 03/2019
* Parental monitoring question was not asked in 2019