3rd grade reading (MKAS) assessment in Mississippi

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Definitions: In 2013 the Mississippi legislature passed SB 2347, the Literacy-Based Promotion Act designed to improve student reading. The 3rd Grade Reading Summative Assessment scale score of 926 is the minimum score associated with readiness for 4th grade based on the requirements of the Literacy-Based Promotion Act. Students must be above this achievement level in order to enter 4th grade. This score was determined by educators, parents, and community members within the state and the Mississippi Department of Education, along with other national experts.

This is the percentage of test takers that passed during the initial testing window, or the first and second retest window. Districts that have percentages of 95% are suppressed rates and would denote 95% or higher.

Data Source: Mississippi Department of Education

Available at: http://mdereports.mdek12.org/

Footnotes: Updated June 2017.