8th grade achievement (PARCC) by subject in Mississippi

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Definitions: In the 2014-15 school year, Mississippi students participated in the PARCC testing program (replacing MCT2). The PARCC assessments were developed to measure the College and Career Ready Standards using "next generation" assessment items and performance tasks. Student scores are converted into scale scores that range from 650 to 850 points. These scale score values are compared to "cut scores" and given a PARCC performance level (1-5). The PARCC performance levels start at 1 (minimal understanding) and end at 5 (distinguished understanding). While these ratings are not directly linked to the MCT2 levels, a PARCC level of 4 and 5 are similar to "Proficient" and "Advanced" respectively. This will be the only school year that uses PARCC.

Data Source: Mississippi Department of Education

Available at: http://mdereports.mdek12.org/

Footnotes: Updated February 2017.