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The vast majority of students do not commit offenses that require the types of disciplines included in this report. Chapter 222 of the Acts of 2012 requires districts to report data on student discipline annually, as part of an effort to limit the use of long-term suspension as a consequence of student misconduct, and to limit expulsion from classrooms.
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Disciplinary actions included in these data are: In-school suspension (1 day or more); Out-of-school suspension (1 day or more); Permanent Expulsion/Expulsion; Removed by an impartial hearing officer or school personnel to an alternate setting, such as to home tutoring, to an alternative program in the same or another district, to a private alternative setting, or work/community service setting; Emergency temporary removal from school.

Minor Offenses refers to non-drug, non-violent, or non-criminal-related offenses.

NA – Data not available for school district for that year.

Data Source: From the Mass. Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Massachusetts School and District Profiles: Student Discipline Data Report.


Minor Offenses data only includes districts with 6 or more students in that offense category.

For more information about disciplinary actions, see:

Updated December 2016 with data from school year 2015-2016.