Exclusionary discipline by reason for exclusion in Vermont

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For more on this topic in Vermont, see:

• Jay Diaz, Esq. (2015). KICKED OUT! Unfair and Unequal Student Discipline in Vermont’s Public Schools, Vermont Legal Aid

• Molly Goldberg & Dawn Moskowitz (2016). Education Matters: The Impacts of Systemic Inequity in Vermont, Voices for Vermont’s Children.

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Definitions: Exclusionary discipline actions by reason for exclusion. Reasons for exclusion are grouped into the following sub-categories:

  • Substances: includes the following types of incidents: Alcohol, Drugs, Tobacco
  • Property Related Violations includes the following types of incidents: Burglary/B&E/Theft/Larceny, Property Damage, Robbery, Trespassing, Vandalism
  • Violent/ Harmful to Others includes the following types on incidents: Arson, Assault/Battery/Maiming, Bullying, Domestic assault, Fighting, Harassment, Lewd or Lascivious conduct, School Threat—Bomb/Fire/ Other, Sexual Assault/Battery, Stalking, Threat/Intimidation, Unlawful Restraint, Hazing,
  • Non-violent Conduct Violations includes the following types on incidents: School Policy/Conduct Violation, Disorderly conduct
  • Self-Harm includes the following types on incidents: Suicide/ Harm self, Danger to self
  • Weapons Possession includes Weapons Possession only

Data Source: SOURCE: Data provided by Vermont Agency of Education to Vermont Legal Aid in response to Public Records Act request. From Combined Incident Reporting Software (CIRS) data for the 2011-2012 through 2014-2015 school years.

Footnotes: * Please note - these data are counts of incidents, not counts of unique students.