Chronic absenteeism in Tennessee

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Definitions: Chronic absenteeism is defined as the percentage of students who were absent for 10 percent or more days over the course of a school year. The rate data were provided by the Department of Education. The Kids Count Division of the Tennessee Commission on Children and Youth converted district level data to county level. 

Data Source: Tennessee Department of Education.

Footnotes: NA = Not available. A number of schools and districts have either incomplete data or serve a non-traditional student population where the number of students who were enrolled on October 1 may not be accurate reflection of the student body due to transient nature of the students such as alternation students. These data points have been suppressed and the percentage is listed as NA.

State rate is computed using data on total students and number of absentee students as available. State special schools are not reported and thus  not included into state rate.