Subsidized child care enrollment by ward in District of Columbia

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Definitions: (Number) Number of children receiving subsidies and enrolled in a child care program.

(Percent) Percent of child care capacity utilized. The number of licensed facilities and corresponding capacity is as of January 1of the respective year. The enrollment figure includes any child who was enrolled at least five days. Multiple students could fill a given slot over the course of the year due to student mobility. Therefore the cumulative enrollment across the fiscal year may exceed capacity for a given site or group of sites, yielding a utilization in excess of 100%.

Age classifications for infant, toddler and preschool age groups are based on categories from the National Association for the Education of Young Children; Infant: 0 - 15 months, Toddler: 12 - 36 months, Preschool: 30 - 60 months

Data Source: Office of the State Superintendent Performance Oversight Responses for each fiscal year; Capacity, Enrollment, Utilization

Footnotes: Updated March 2022