Four-year high school cohort graduation rate in North Dakota

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Definitions: This indicator represents the percentage of students in a cohort that graduate with a standard diploma within four years of entering high school. Adjustments are made for transfers into and out of the school, district, or state. The denominator for the percentage is the cohort for that graduating class in respective geographic areas. 

A cohort includes the number of first-time 9th graders in the fall of a particular school year plus students who transfer in, minus students who transfer out, emigrate, or die during the next four school years.

Data Source: North Dakota Department of Public Instruction

Footnotes: GEOGRAPHY - Data reflect the school location, not the student's place of residence. DATE - Spring of reference year.  LIMITATIONS - Data are not reported for geographies where the number of cohort graduates is less than 10 events. In these cases, "LNE" is indicated for Low Number Events.  NA indicates that there is no high school located in the geography, or that the percentage is not applicable due to a LNE.