Students with disabilities, state-level in Maine

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Why This Indicator Matters

Special education and related services play an integral role in educating children with special needs  and  improving  their long-term outcomes. These services are intended to improve student achievement and graduation rates, increase participation in post-secondary education and increase employment and wages.

What the data shows:
In 2016-2017, 29,620 students enrolled in public schools ages 6 -20 had an identified disability and an individualized education plan. Comparing Maine with other states, Maine had the highest rate in the country of children ages 6-20 with an identified disability.
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Definitions: The number and percent  students ages 6 - 20 enrolled in schools and individual education programs in Maine who have disabilities requiring the provision of special education services. The numerator is number of students with disabilities ages 6 -20 and the denominator is the number of students enrolled in public schools, grades K -12.

Data Source: Maine Department of Education Data Warehouse

Footnotes: The year refers to the year in the beginning of the school year. 2016 is the number of students with disabilities as of 12/1/2016 for the 2016-2017 school year.

Last updated March 2019.