Childcare benefits in Tennessee

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Definitions: Number of child enrolled for which the Tennessee Department of Human Services has official monitoring responsibility. Data relate to the children participated in the federally subsidized programs in a given fiscal year (July - June).

Data Source: Tennessee Department of Human Services. Kids Count division of Tennessee Commission on Children and Youth organized data.

Footnotes: A child may have enrollment through the course of a year in multiple counties.
For example, a child is enrolled from 5/1/2013-7/31/2013 at a provider in Maury county.
Same child is enrolled from 8/5/2013-9/22/2013 at a provider in Davidson county.
Same child is enrolled from 9/23/2013-10/20/2013 at a provider in Williamson county.
Same child is enrolled from 10/21/2013-11/15/2013 at a different provider in Williamson County.
In that case, this child would have been counted once for Maury, Davidson, and Williamson.