Childhood food insecurity

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Why This Indicator Matters

Children who are food insecure have trouble doing their best in school. Food insecurity can have lifelong impacts on children's physical health, mental health and earning potential.
Chronic food insecurity causes stress among children that alters their normal brain development.

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What the data shows
Maine saw improvement in this indicator in 2016, with the percent of children experiencing food insecurity dropping to below 20% for the first time since this measured was tracked in 2013.
On a national level, Maine ranked 35th of 50 states in percent of children experiencing food insecurity.
In 2013, 2014 and 2015, Maine's rate was above 21%. In 2016, the counties with the highest rates of child food insecurity were the rural counties of Piscataquis, (25.5%) and Somerset (23.9%).
The counties with the lowest rates were York (17.5%) and Cumberland (17.2%).
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