Unemployment by race/ethnicity, state-level in Washington

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Why This Indicator Matters

Disaggregated data is presented to provide a preliminary understanding of disparities by race and ethnicity. On its own, this data tells a limited story about the populations it represents. We encourage users of this data to engage with communities of color to develop a more accurate and meaningful understanding than these data allow.
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Definitions: The unemployment number is the number of people ages 16 and over who are without a job but are actively looking for one, disaggregated by race/ethnicity (note that race categories may also include individuals that identify as Hispanic/Latino). The unemployment rate is the number of unemployed as a percent of the entire civilian non-institutional labor force. The civilian labor force (the denominator) includes persons who are employed and those who are unemployed but looking for work. The state-level annual figures reported here for 2015 and earlier years are seasonally adjusted, and span 12 months. 

Data Source: The data used for this measure are based on annual averages of monthly data obtained from the Current Population Survey (CPS) Subnational sample and available at the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Data were retrieved on June 22, 2016  from http://www.bls.gov/lau/#ex14.

CPS estimates are based on a sample of the population. Due to differing methodologies, CPS estimates may differ from annual average employment and unemployment estimates produced through the Local Area Unemployment Statistics (LAUS) program.

Footnotes: Data last updated in June 2016 by Washington KIDS COUNT.

The Current Population Survey (CPS) often revises previous estimates. Data are updated accordingly on this website. Therefore, figures presented here may be different from figures presented elsewhere. 

Individuals that identified as Hispanic/Latino may be classified by ethnicity as well as by race and therefore race categories may also include Hispanic/Latino.

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