General State Aid for local school districts in Illinois

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NOTE: In FY2018, general state aid was replaced by the evidence-based funding formula.  For data on state funding to local districts from FY2018 onward, see the indicator "Evidence-based funding (EBF) for local school districts" in the Kids Count Data Center.

For more information on both General State Aid and Evidence Based Funding, see: and

Dollar amounts in millions.

FY 2009:  Includes federal ARRA funds ($1,039 million).

FY 2010:  Includes federal ARRA funds ($790.8 million).

FY 2011 & FY 2012:  Includes Federal Education Jobs Fund - non-appropriated funds ($285.1 million in FY11, $130.1 million in FY12).

FY 1998 - FY 2010:  Includes hold-harmless funding.

Data Source: Illinois Office of the Comptroller and Governor's Office of Management and Budget.