Immunization status: children appropriately immunized in Pennsylvania

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Why This Indicator Matters

Immunizations, screenings, regular dental care, well-child visits and access to nutritious food are all part of ensuring a healthy start for children. Well-child visits are important to ensure up-to-date immunizations in early childhood and should continue into middle childhood and adolescence, when it is especially important for mental and behavioral health assessments including depression screening.
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Definitions: The percent of children who have been appropriately immunized with the recommended vaccines by their 2nd and their 13th birthdays.

Data Source: PPC's report & source documentation can be found at

Footnotes: This indicator was derived from a hybrid sampling methodology but the weighted average was computed to reflect the population of all children receiving public health care.

The year represents when the PPC or HEDIS reports were published.

Updated December 2022.