Uninsured children in Pennsylvania

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Why This Indicator Matters

Health insurance promotes preventive care, reduces emergency care, saves money and contributes to a child's overall well-being. This latest data demonstrates that part of our strategy to increase the number of kids in Pennsylvania with health insurance starts with our youngest citizens because the early years
of a child’s life are a critical period of brain development.
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Definitions: The number and percent of children from birth through age 17 or 18 not covered by health insurance at the point in time they were surveyed.

The year represents when PPC published the report.

Data Source: PPC's report, along with source documentation, can be found at http://www.papartnerships.org/work/health/childrens-health-reports.

Footnotes: (2012 - 2014) The three-year ACS data used for this indicator does not include the six counties that fall below 20,000 in total population.

(2014 (1-yr) - current) The one-year ACS data used for this indicator does not include the twenty-seven counties that fall below 65,000 in total population.

(2017 - current) The ACS data changed the age category to include 18-year-olds. All data prior to 2017 is based on children under 18.

Updated November 2019.