Fully Immunized Toddlers, Age 19-35 months (series 4313314) in Michigan

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Definitions: The number of children ages 19-35 months with all immunizations 4313314. Data are taken from the December of the year listed.The percent is based on the population ages 19-35 months. An * indicates fewer than 6, so no percent is listed.

Data Source: Michigan Department of  Health and Human Services, Division of Immunization, Michigan Care Improvement Registry.

Footnotes: Schedule 4313314 includes: 4 or more doses of DTaP/DTP/DT, 3 or more doses of Polio, 1 or more dose of MMR, 3 or more doses of Hib, 3 ore more doses of HepB, 1 or more dose of Varicella, 4 or more doses of PCV.