5-Year Cohort Graduation Rate - Students who graduate from high school four years after their ninth-grade year in Pennsylvania

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Definitions: The 5-year cohort graduation rate for school year 11-12 is based on a starting cohort year of 2007-08 (ninth grade) and includes all 10-11 graduates as well as those students who needed an extra year to graduate in 11-12.

The 2012-13 5-year cohort graduation rate is calculated utilizing the final 2011-12 4-year cohort graduation rate as the basis.

Data Source: PA Department of Education

Footnotes: In cases of "LNE" (low number event) the cohort size is less than 10 and therefore not publicly reported.

The year listed is the second half of the school year; for example, 2012 refers to the 2011-2012 school year.

Updated November 2019 - To be updated when data available.