M-STEP - Students Not Proficient in Grade 8 Math in Michigan

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Proficiency in math by the end of middle school prepares students for high school math courses, increasing chances of graduation and development of basic math skills for adulthood.
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Definitions: The count is the number of students who did not meet standards on the mathematics section of the Michigan Student Test of Educational Progress (M-STEP). The percent is based on the number of test-takers.

Data are from Spring of the year indicated.

The Michigan Student Test of Educational Progress (M-STEP) results cannot be compared with prior years' Michigan Educational Assessment Program (MEAP) results.

Districts that cross county boundaries are included in the county indicated by the CEPI district code. 

Data Source: Michigan Department of Education, Center for Educational Performance Information (CEPI).

Footnotes: County data for 2018 (SY17-18) were revised on 10/7/2019. Incorrect district codes had resulted in incorrect counts for some counties.

In September 2018, new disclosure avoidance rules were applied to M-STEP data. As a result, districts with fewer than ten test-takers, or where the number of students not meeting proficiency was suppressed, were excluded from analysis. County and city totals are estimations that may exclude some districts, and careful consideration should be taken when comparing data across years due to the changes in data disclosure.