Sex education policies in Mississippi

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Definitions: Data reflects the sex education policy decisions of school districts beginning in the 2012-13 academic year. The deadline for all districts was June 30, 2012 to choose abstinence-only or abstinence-plus. Three schools chose to have both policies, with abstinence-only reserved for younger grades, and abstinence-plus for older grades. According to The Associated Press, "Eighty-one districts have chosen [abstinence-only], according to a list released Friday by the state Department of Education. Seventy-one have chosen abstinence-plus, which could include the mention of contraception... Three districts are taking a split approach, with abstinence-only for younger grades and abstinence-plus for older grades... Parents must give permission for their children to take the classes, and boys and girls are separated... The state's largest school district, DeSoto County, chose abstinence-only. The second-largest district, in the city of Jackson, chose abstinence-plus."

Data Source: Mississippi Department of Education; The Associated Press

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Footnotes: Updated January 2017.
The data presented here may not include all districts listed by the Mississippi Department of Education. MS School for Math and Science and the MS School for the Arts are not included in the tables or maps. Agricultural high schools are not included in the maps.