Renter occupied housing in Mississippi

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Definitions: Percentage of housing units which are renter-occupied. All occupied housing units which are not owner-occupied, whether they are rented or occupied without payment of rent, are classified as renter-occupied. “Rented” includes units in continuing care, sometimes called life care arrangements. These arrangements usually involve a contract between one or more individuals and a service provider guaranteeing the individual shelter, usually an apartment, and services, such as meals or transportation to shopping or recreation. The “no rent paid” category includes units provided free by friends or relatives or in exchange for services, such as a resident manager, caretaker, minister, or tenant farmer. Housing units on military bases are also classified in the “No rent paid” category.

Data Source: U.S. Census Bureau, [Year] Census

Available at: [DP-1]

Footnotes: Updated January 2013.