Poverty between 150-199% state level (CPS) in Kansas

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Definitions: Poverty (State Level) is the percentage of children birth through 18 years of age living between 150% and 199% of the U.S. poverty threshold.

Data Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Current Population Survey Annual Social and Economic Supplement(March supplement, or ASEC), 2015 through 2019.

Footnotes: Three-Year Averages are shown. For example, 9.72% of children between 100% and 149% of poverty in 2018 is calculated from three-year average from CPS 2017 through 2019 (data reflect poverty status for 2016 - 2018). Number for 2014 is not shown because only redesigned income questions were asked starting  2015 CPS ASEC.  Therefore, the three-year average numbers to combine the 2012 and 2013 traditional income questions are not advised. Number for 2015 is based two-year average of available redesigned income questions starting 2015 CPS ASEC (reflecting 2014 status), and the 2016 CPS ASEC redesigned questions.  Three-year averages that required inclusion of 2014 CPS ASEC were not advised. Beginning with 2016 data, numbers are based on the three-year average of redesigned income questions.  Comparisons with 2013 and prior numbers are not advised.