CHIP enrollment in Kansas

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Definitions: CHIP Enrollment is the average monthly enrollment of children (age 0 to 18.9) in the Children’ Health Insurance Program.

Data Source: Kansas Health Institute's analysis of Medicaid/CHIP data on the Kansas Department of Health and Environment's Data Analytic Interface.

Footnotes: CHIP income eligible children are those who lived in families with income <200% FPL prior to 2009, <241% FPL in 2010 (expanding to 250% of 2008 FPL), < 238% FPL in 2011, <232% in 2012, < 247% in 2013(MAGI method and 250% of 2008 FPL till 2018),  <245% in 2014, <244% in 2015, <243% in 2016, <241% in 2017, <240% in 2018 and back to <225% in 2019, and are not income eligible for Medicaid. ACA expands children age 6-18 Medicaid eligibility to 133%, therefore effecting July 1, 2015, the formerly 113%-133% CHIP eligible now converted to "M-CHIP" eligible, M-CHIP is Medicaid and no longer CHIP (but applying the enhanced CHIP federal matching rate).  The decrease of CHIP enrollment in CY 2016 may be explained by the M-CHIP conversion. The 2018 number of children enrolled for Allen County was irregular and KDHE did not have a good explanation.  Therefore, the number is not reported.