Public Pre-kindergarten enrollment within age group in Texas

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Definitions: Number and percentage of children ages three and four enrolled in public school pre-kindergarten programs. Some counties may have greater than 100% participation due to their very small populations and the different time periods of the enrollment and population data. There was also participation in pre-kindergarten programs across counties that may have contributed to programs having more than 100% participation. Since the percentages for three and four-year-old participation in pre-kindergarten programs are calculated separately (e.g., of the three-year-olds in the county, X% are enrolled in a pre-kindergarten program), you should NOT add across the age groups to calculate total participation. Please see our overall pre-kindergarten enrollment data for that number.

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Data Source: Texas Education Agency

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Note: "LNE" = Low Number Event. A LNE occurs when the number of children is masked by the reporting agency because it is so low that revealing the number could potentially identify a specific child.