Passage rate for third grade Reading Subject SOL by students who are economically disadvantaged in Virginia

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Percent of students who passed the third grade reading subject Standards of Learning (SOL) assessment.  This assessment is administered in the spring of the third grade.

The year notes the beginning of the school year.  For example, 2009 is the AY 2009-10 school year.

Economically Disadvantaged students are defined if they meet any one of the following: 1) is eligible for Free/Reduced Meals, or 2) receives TANF, or 3) is eligible for Medicaid, or 4) identified as either Migrant or experiencing Homelessness.

The scores reported include alternative tests to the SOL that are given to students with special needs. Please see VDOE's website for more information on these tests:

Data Source: Virginia Department of Education


NA - data not available or Bedford County data include Bedford City; Fairfax County data include Fairfax City; Greensville County data include Emporia City; Williamsburg City data include James City County.

S - cells containing fewer than ten individuals are suppressed in the interest of student confidentiality.


Last updated: October 2018