Mothers with four years of college or more in Mississippi

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Definitions: This data represents mothers who had a child born in [Year] with four years of college or more.

Race definitions (by race of mother):
The two categories for race used in this publication are white and nonwhite (pre-2013, see footnote).
White includes such groups as Caucasian Anglo-American, Canadian, Cuban, French, Greek, Hispanic, Latin American, Mexican, Puerto Rican, Swedish, etc.
Nonwhite includes such groups as Black, African-American, American Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Hawaiian, Filipino, and all other groups not considered as white.

Data Source: Mississippi State Department of Health. Public Health Statistics. [Year] Summary Statistics by County.

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Footnotes: Updated March 2020.
Educational attainment level is the number or percent from the category of 4 or More Years of College. For 2013 and later, this is the sum from the categories of "Bachelor's degree," "Master's degree," and "Doctorate."
Beginning with 2013 data, MSDH has replaced the "Nonwhite" category with "Black."