Exits from DFPS custody in Texas

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Number of children who left care as of the last day of the fiscal year.  Type of exits include:
·         Reunification (returning home)
·         Relative Permanent Managing Conservatorship (relatives who took legal custody 
         of the child)
·         Relative Adoption
·         Non-relative Adoption
·         Emancipation (leaving care after turn 18)
·         Other (e.g., runaways and cases closed before they turn 18; kids who were 
         transferred to TYC or other agency; deaths).  Other is not permanent because in 
         some jurisdictions, they close the case and in others case kept open until child 
         turns 18 and can be considered to have aged out.   No permanent home.

Subcategories show percentage of all exits.

Data Source:

Texas Department of Family and Protective Services