Regulated Child Care - Group child care homes and Keystone STARS participation by level in Pennsylvania

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Definitions: Group:  A residence or another premise in which child care is provided at one time for more than 6 but fewer than 16 older school-age level children or more than 6 but fewer than 13 children of another age level who are unrelated to the operator.

The percents of 'Providers Not in STARS' and 'Providers in STARS' are proportions of the regulated providers in that county.

The percents of the various STAR levels are proportions of the total providers in STARS within that county.

Data Source: Pennsylvania Departments of Education and Human Services, Office of Child Development and Early Learning

Footnotes: Pennsylvania’s Rising STARS initiative was launched in September 2012 to promote greater access for at-risk children to higher quality child care and better prepare them to succeed in school. Start with STARS is not recognized as a level of quality and was eliminated July 1, 2012.

Updated December 2018.