Teen birth rate, ages 15-19, by race and ethnicity in New Mexico

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Definitions: Number of births per 1,000 females, ages 15-19 inclusive, by race and ethnicity.

Data Source: New Mexico Department of Public Health Indicator-Based Information System (NM-IBIS): ibis.health.state.nm.us. Adolescent Births, Girls Age 15-19, Bureau of Vital Records and Health Statistics.

Footnotes: When there is a small number of health events in a small population (e.g., race or ethnicity), problems with statistical instability may occur. An unstable count or rate may fluctuate widely across time periods. An unstable count or rate should be interpreted with caution and should not be used to predict outcomes. For more information on statistical stability, visit the NM-IBIS Reliability & Validity page, ibis.health.state.nm.us/resource/ReliabilityValidity.html.
NA signifies that data are not available.
NM-IBIS reports data using the race and ethnicity designations of the U.S. Census Bureau.
County-level data are available by request.

Updated February 2023.