Domestic assaults reported to police in Maine

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Why This Indicator Matters

All of us deserve to be safe in our own homes. When domestic violence assaults are up, the police are called with increasing frequency to respond to potentially violent situations.  Brain development science has demonstrated that when children are exposed to repeated stressful incidents, it affects their brains in long-term ways. Violence in a child's home is an adverse childhood experience. Children with adverse childhood experiences are more likely to have trouble in school, feel sad or hopeless and continue to have mental and physical health issues into adulthood.  
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Definitions: The rate of assaults reported to the police which were perpetrated by family or household members who are or were married or living together in a romantic relationship, natural parents of the same child (whether or not the couple ever lived together) or other adult family members related by blood or marriage. These are not unduplicated counts, and may include numerous assaults affecting the same individuals. The rate is per 100,000 of the total population.

Data Source: Maine Department of Public Safety, Crime in Maine Reports     
Domestic violence assaults reported to police

Footnotes: This includes assaults on children by parents, assaults on parents by children and other assaults between family and household members.  The numerator is the number of assaults times 100,000 and the denominator is the total population in 2016 per the Maine Office of Vital Statistics.

Last uploaded August 2018.