Children ages 0 to 18 enrolled in Healthy Steps in North Dakota

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Definitions: This indicator represents the number of children under the age of 19 who are enrolled in the Healthy Steps program in North Dakota.  Healthy Steps, North Dakota's health insurance plan for children, provides premium-free health coverage to uninsured children in qualifying families.  It is intended to help meet the health care needs of children from working families that earn too much to qualify for full Medicaid coverage, but not enough to afford private insurance.

Coverage is available for uninsured children ages 18 and younger who live in families with qualifying incomes.  Single 18-year-olds with eligible incomes may also apply.  The income eligibility guidelines are established by the North Dakota Legislature using the federal poverty level.  

The denominator for the percentage is the total child population ages 0 through 18 in respective geographic areas.

Data Source: North Dakota Department of Human Services, Health Tracks and Healthy Steps.

Footnotes: GEOGRAPHY: Data reflect place of residence.  DATE: January of specified year.