Child care capacity, by type (percent of children with all parents working) in North Dakota

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Definitions: This indicator represents the number of children that can be served by four types of child care providers: licensed providers, standard compliance certification and registered in-home providers, registered tribal providers, and approved relative providers (i.e., child care supply).   

The denominator for each percentage is the number of children ages 0 to 13 where all parents in the household are in the labor force (i.e., child care demand) in respective geographic areas.

Data Source: Child care capacity numbers are obtained from the North Dakota Department of Human Services. The proportions are calculated based on an estimation of the number of children with working parents.  Thus, the denominator is derived from data obtained from the U.S. Census Bureau's American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates, Table B23008. 

Footnotes: GEOGRAPHY - Data reflect the location of the child care program. The capacity of out-of-state providers caring for North Dakota children is included in the state total. DATE - February 1 of reference year.