Child support in Delaware

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Why This Indicator Matters

For many children, especially those living in poverty, child support is an important resource to ensuring financial security. Research has indicated that children are more likely to receive the necessary financial support from their nonresident parent when an order is in place. The Child Support Enforcement Program is a federal, state and local partnership aimed at promoting self-sufficiency and child well-being through financial stability. In Delaware, the child support program assures that assistance in obtaining financial and medical support is available to children through locating nonresident parents, establishing parternity and support obligations and enforcing those obligations. 
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Definitions: Percentage of Current Child Support Owed that is Paid/Gross Child Support Receipts, Delaware.

Data Source: Delaware Division of Child Support Services-157 Report: Child Support Enforcement Annual Report to Congress

Footnotes: This federal performance measure is based in the ratio of Current Child Support Collected/Current Child Support Due.

Data last updated 01/2022