Women Receiving Less than Adequate Prenatal Care in Wyoming

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Definitions: The percentage of mothers who received less than adequate prenatal care by county of origin.

Data Source: WDOE, Division of Vital Records and Statistics

Footnotes: Based on the APNCU index, includes women who received intermediate, inadequate, or no prenatal care.

Changes to the Certificate question went into effect in 2006.  In previous years, the mother or prenatal care provider reported the month of pregnancy in which the mother beganprenatal care. Currently this item was replaced by the exact dates of first and last prenatal visit. Therefore, the month prenatal care began is now calculated from either the last normal menses date or the date of birth and the date of first prenatal care visit. Since exact dates are harder to get, the monthprenatal care began now has high numbers of missing data. The missing data have been removed from totals when calculating percentages.

Much of the difference between the data from different certificates is related to changes in reporting and not to changes in prenatal care utilization. Accordingly, Adequate Prenatal Care Utilization data for the years 2007 and after is not directly comparable to data collected from previous certificates nor should the data be averaged over a time span from different certificates.