Mothers who Smoked During Pregnancy in Wyoming

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Definitions: Of all births to live mothers, the percentage of births that were to mothers who smoked during pregnancy.Annual by Wyoming County

Data Source: WDOE, Division of Vital Records and Statistics


·     In 2006, the question for this indicator was changed on the Wyoming Birth Certificate (2003 U.S. Birth Certificate Revision).  Previously a mother was asked if she smoked during pregnancy and if so on average how many cigarettes were smoked per day.  Currently  (beginning in 2006) a mother is asked the average number or packs of cigarettes that she smoked three months prior to the pregnancy, the first three months, the second three months and the third trimester, individually.  

      From 2006 forward (new certificate):  The indicator is based on a count of mothers who smoked at any time while pregnant.   The category for mothers who smoked in the periord three months prior to pregnancy is excluded from the count for this indicator.   Mothers are not counted more than once.  For example: A mother who smoked during the first, second and third trimesters of pregnancy is counted once for smoking during pregnancy, just as a mother who smoked only during one trimester is counted once.  As a result, the indicator is equivalent to the pre-2006 certificate question in terms of what it measures.

      Having noted that, we have however noticed a substantial increase in this variable since implementing the new certificate, and caution against comparing years or using an average number over the data from different certificates.