CHIP - Number of children (age 0-18) enrolled by age group in Pennsylvania

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Definitions: The total number of children receiving health coverage through the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) by age group.  CHIP provides coverage to children not eligible for Medicaid who are otherwise uninsured.

Data Source: Pennsylvania Insurance Department, Bureau of the Children’s Health Insurance Program

Footnotes: The totals are greater than the sum of all age groups due to the exclusion of 19-year-olds in the CHIP data.

CHIP enrollment decreased in the last six months of calendar year 2014 because children living in families with income no greater than 133% of poverty moved to Medicaid at the time of renewal (as a result of the ACA’s Medicaid eligibility level increasing). Since the transition to Medicaid for all of those children was completed at the end of 2014, the first six calendar months of 2015 have seen a slight increase in children enrolled in CHIP due to CHIP outreach efforts.