Uninsured population by age group in North Carolina

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Definitions: Number and percent without health insurance for children under age 19, for adults age 18 to 64, and for the population under age 65.

Data Source: US Census Bureau, Small Area Health Insurance Estimates (SAHIE), 2008–2020.

Beginning in 2008, the Small Area Health Insurance Estimates began using model-based enhancements of the American Community Survey (ACS) estimates, created by integrating additional information from administrative records, postcensal population estimates, and decennial census data to produce estimates that are more reliable. The Small Area Health Insurance Estimates are available annually at the state and county level.

Rather than reporting data for the population "under age 18", the age category "under age 19" is included in the survey since it is congruent with the age cohort used to determine Children's Health Insurance Program eligibility. The age 18 to 64 cohort is intended to approximate the working age population.

Footnotes: Last updated August 2022.