Children Ages 0-17 in Out of Home Care-Abuse or Neglect in Michigan

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Why This Indicator Matters

Children are removed from their families and placed in a foster home, relative care, residential care or shelter following substantiated abuse or neglect. This also has an adverse effect on health, development and outcomes into adulthood.
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Definitions: The number of children ages 0-17 in out of home care with foster parents or relatives due to abuse/neglect. This is a point in time count at the end of the fiscal year - September 30. The rate is per 1,000 children ages 0-17.

Data Source: Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, Children's Services management Information System. Population estimates are from the Census Bureau.


Data for 2008 were found to be unreliable and have been removed.

Data for 2010-2012, Missaukee and Wexford counties were revised on 3/19/20.