Pre-kindergarten enrollment in public schools in Louisiana

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Definitions: Number of children enrolled in pre-kindergarten programs in public schools. This count includes children enrolled in special education, as well as children enrolled in general education programs.

Data Source: Louisiana Department of Education, Planning, Analysis & Information Resources Division

Footnotes: Louisiana operates several different preschool programs through the public school system, including LA4 and programs funded through 8(g) grants and Title I funds. Some parishes also offer Head Start programs in public schools.

For parish-level data, data for Recovery School District schools, charter schools, lab schools and city districts are reflected in the parish-level data of the parish in which the school is located. Data for Louisiana School for the Deaf and Louisiana Special Education Center are not included in parish-level data, but are reflected in the statewide totals.

Data reflect October total enrollment counts, except for SY 2005 data, which reflect February 2006 counts.

Updated January 11, 2022