Mental health (rate per 1,000) in Kansas

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Definitions: Number of Hospital discharges for mental health diagnoses (MS-DRG 880-887) for children age 0 to 17.9, per 1000 population under 18.

Data Source: Kansas Hospital Discharge Data

Footnotes: Federal Fiscal Year starts October 1. Starting FFY2008, Kansas Hospital Discharge data adopted Medicare Severity DRG, and the corresponding mental health diagnosis group codes are 880-887. When MS-DRG=886 and age is unknown, we count those cases. There has been an increase in children hospitalization for mental health diagnosis, especially for the past three years. In FFY2016 there is a notable jump in mental health discharges based on MS-DRG codes. An analysis found that there are more ICD10 (compared to ICD9) related to the same DRG groups indicating more mental diagnosis available and also KUMC had admitted many more children under those DRGs than in FFY2015. KUMC and Stormont-Vail Health Center saw notable increases of inpatient children with mental health diagnoses in FFY 2017.