Child bullied others in Delaware

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It might be challenging to pin down the causes of childhood bullying. It may result from a single reason or a combination of factors, such as parental divorce or a lack of attention at home. Children who see bullying or who may have experienced bullying themselves may later turn the tables and bully others. Bullying frequently occurs for reasons related to physical appearance, race/ethnicity, gender, handicap, religion, and sexual orientation. Bullying, being bullied, acceptance, and rejection all have complicated relationships. According to studies, most children and teenagers that harass other people have a lot of influence on their social group. Peers frequently see high-status perpetrators as leaders, socially adept, and popular.
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Children ages 6 to 17 years who bullied others, picked on them, or excluded them during the past 12 months, two-year average

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Data Source: Center for Child and Adolescent Health, National Survey of Children's Health

Footnotes: Data last updated: 12/2022