Public school arrest in Maryland

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Definitions: School-related arrest refers to an arrest of a student for any activity conducted on school grounds, during off-campus school activities (including while taking school transportation), or due to a referral by any school official. This data is for school arrests in public schools.

The data includes arrests that occurred as a result of a referral of a student by school personnel to law enforcement or DJS for a disciplinary offense that occurred on school grounds or during off campus activities, including transportation. This report includes both physical and paper arrests. A physical arrest is when a student is physically placed under arrest by a law enforcement official. A paper arrest occurs when there is an officer-initiated referral or request for charges by school officials to DJS (e.g. Juvenile Offense Report, Citation for Court Appearance).

SY means School Year  

An *  indicates that the number of students in a cell was less than 10, the data was then removed and replaced with an asterisk to protect student identity.

Data Source: Maryland Department of Education, School Arrest Data Collection.