Children exiting foster care in Louisiana

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Definitions: number - the number of children entering foster care during a calendar year
rate - the number of children entering foster care during a calendar year per 1,000 children ages 0-17

Rates are based on Census Bureau estimates of the population of children ages 0 to 17 in each parish, as of July 1st of the respective year. 

Data Source: Agenda for Children's analysis of data provided by the Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services, by special request.

Population data - Puzzanchera, C., Sladky, A. and Kang, W. (2021). "Easy Access to Juvenile Populations: 1990-2020." Online. Available:

Footnotes: Data is reported according to the location of court of entry into foster care.

Note that the parish location data was missing for a small number of children each year, and a very small (<5) number of children in foster care have cases that originated in other states. As a result, the statewide total is larger than the sum of data from all parishes.

Data is unduplicated, so if a child entered and exited foster care multiple times over the course of the year, he/she would only be counted once.

LNE (Low Number Event): data is not reported when there fewer than five children exited foster care in a parish over the course of the year.

Updated February 15, 2022