Children Under Age 21 that Received Preventive Dental Care by Insurance Type in Maine

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Why This Indicator Matters

Having routine preventative dental care in childhood reduces dental problems later in life. Dental disease can affect children’s overall health, self-confidence, school readiness and future employment success. Poor oral health in childhood contributes to serious and costly complications for health and economic stability later in life.

What the data shows
In 2019, 61% of children with MaineCare and 69% of children with commercial insurance had at least one preventative dental visit during the calendar year. Combining commercially insured and children with MaineCare, the highest rates of children with at least one preventative dental visit were in the counties of Cumberland, Aroostook and York  with rates of 68%, 66% and 63% respectively. The counties with the lowest combined rates of commercial and MaineCare insurance in 2019 were Piscataquis, Oxford and Lincoln that all had rates of 57%.

In terms of trends at the state level for preventative dental care , the year 2019 saw the total rates rise from 63% to 54% from 2016 to 2019. Commercial rates declined slightly from 71% to 69% while MaineCare rates rose from 58% to 61%. Commercial insurance had 6,700 more children with at least one preventative dental care service, while MaineCare had fewer 3,900 less preventative visits, primarily because there were fewer children with MaineCare.
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Definitions: This measure shows the number and percent of children with Medicaid (called MaineCare in Maine) and with commercial dental insurance who had a preventative visit to the dentist during the calendar year .

The data comes from the Maine Health Data Organization's All Payer Claims Dataset, and the numbers and percents reflect children (under age 21) who had either MaineCare or commercial dental coverage for at least 11 months of the year, and who had at least one claim for a preventive dental service.

Data Source: Maine Partnership for Oral Health provided the data. The data comes from the Maine Health Data Organization's All Payer Claims Dataset.

Footnotes: New measure September 2020.
2019 data added January 2021.