Average cost per meal in North Dakota

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Definitions: Average cost per meal by county as reported by the Map the Meal Gap. https://map.feedingamerica.org/

The average weekly dollar amount food-secure individuals report spending on food, as estimated in the Current Population Survey, divided by 21 (assuming three meals a day, seven days a week).

Each year of data represents a standalone snapshot of food insecurity in each state and county and caution should be used before comparing percentages year-by-year. Data starting in 2011 had a slightly altered methodology and should not be directly compared to prior years. Data methodology was altered again in 2018, making data not directly comparable to prior years.

Data Source: Gundersen, C., Strayer, M., Dewey, A., Hake, M., & Engelhard, E. (2022). Map the Meal Gap 2022: An Analysis of County and Congressional District Food Insecurity and County Food Cost in the United States in 2020. Feeding America. 

Footnotes: UPDATED - August 2022