Students who were not chronically absent from school in California

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Children Now used the inverse percent of the Chronic Absenteeism Rate from the California Department of Education, DataQuest. Numbers and percentages are rounded to the nearest whole number. For more information on this indicator’s methodology, please contact DataQuest.

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The Asian category includes Asian, Pacific Islander, and Filipino. The Other category includes American Indian or Alaska Native, Two or More Races, and Not Reported.

Data Source: California Department of Education, DataQuest (n.d.). Absenteeism, Student Misconduct, and Intervention – Absenteeism data 2015-16 & 2016-17. Retrieved August 2018 from   

Footnotes: Asterisks* An asterisk indicates that data should be interpreted with caution. Asterisks were used to note low number of events (fewer than 10) or unstable data with large confidence intervals. Data or estimates with low numbers and large confidence intervals indicate that a data point may not be a true representation of the larger population. NA (Not Available) Data that are not available are noted as NA. The most frequent reasons for using the NA annotation include the unavailability of longitudinal data, data suppression from the original data source due to a low number event, or statistically unstable estimates.