Percent of births premature and delayed prenatal care in New Hampshire

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Empirical research of delayed prenatal care—or births where the first prenatal visit was less than 90 days before the birth—has failed to connect delayed prenatal care to poor newborn outcomes (Hueston et al., 2003; Schillaci et al., 2010), especially once adjusted for confounding factors like age, race-ethnicity, marital status, education, and insurance coverage (Ayoola et al., 2010). Further, when studied more generally, prenatal care is not linked to infant health outcomes (Reichman, 2009) nor to a robust set of child outcomes at age 5 (Noonan et al., 2013). However, delayed prenatal care is associated with a higher risk of preterm birth (Debiec et al., 2008).

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Definitions: The number number of premature births, births that occurred before 37 weeks gestation, by county and the percent of births with delayed prenatal care, where the mother’s first prenatal visit was less than 90 days before birth in 2017.

Data Source: New Hampshire Department of State, Division of Vital Records (2018)

Footnotes: 95% confidence interval